23/11/18: This article features all the key information, links and videos relating to the launch of the CPIER.

On 14th September 2018, the CPIEC launched the CPIER Final Report. Many stakeholders, councils and key businesses contributed to the launch by issuing supporting press releases.

After a period of review and socialisation the report launch was followed up with a formal event at The Royal Academy of Engineering on 9th October 2018. Three addresses were made - by Dame Kate Barker, Rt Hon Greg Clark and Mayor James Palmer, followed by a panel discussion. All Cambridgeshire and Peterborough District and County Councils were represented, as well as other key stakeholder groups.

The following videos are unedited from the event:

The event was subsequently featured on Sunday Politics on 18th October.

The CPIER team then undertook a series of engagement events across the region and further supporting press releases were issued by the councils.

On Tuesday 6th November 2018, the Combined Authority Mayor, James Palmer, made a statement accepting all the recommendations of CPIER “The Combined Authority Board has agreed to endorse and support the 14 recommendations set out in the CPIER final report.” A press release of this statement can be found here. The Mayor also write directly to Dame Kate Barker and the Commissioners to thank them for their work and closed this Phase of work.

Any queries relating to the execution of the CPIER can be directed to the Combined Authority.



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